Jul 18, 2007

Kris praises Belo’s ‘work’ on her body

Even if Kris Aquino is now endorsing a different beauty clinic after leaving Belo, she acknowledges that the Belo clinic did a fantastic job to her body, which made her lose weight easily after giving birth to Baby James. Kris said she is happy with the body shaping that Belo did to her.

Kris agreed to endorse skin care only for Facial Care Center and not any procedure for her body. She says that because of her health condition which is constantly being monitored and the recent Caesarian operation she underwent, she cannot do anything to her body yet.

Kris is bent on losing weight the natural way which is why she strictly watches her food intake. Out of her respect to Dr. Vicki Belo, Kris even sent text messages to the latter before she signed up with Facial Care Center.

However, during last Saturday’s press conference of Kris for Facial Care, she mentioned that she deserves "something better" which is why she apparently switched beauty clinics.
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Manila Bulletin

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