Jul 15, 2007

Kris leaves Belo med center for other clinic

TV host and actress Kris Aquino clarified that her split with celebrity dermatologist Vicky Belo has nothing to do with the scandal involving her husband basketball player James Yap and a former receptionist at Belo’s clinic.
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Kris was an endorser of Belo’s dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinic for a number of years, but has now left Belo’s camp and is instead endorsing the Facial Care Center.

Kris said that she didn’t do anything wrong by shifting her endorsement because of the following reasons: first, she and Belo only had a verbal agreement for her endorsement of Belo’s clinic, with no contract signed; she used to endorse “body care” for Belo, while now she is endorsing “facial care”.

Kris also said that she and Belo already discussed the implications of her (Kris’) use of the Facial Care Center slogan “I deserve better”.

Kris also told reporters that she is taking a break from making films to devote her time to more pressing matters.

She said that so far she has received a movie offer from Star Cinema and another company that she declined to name.

She added that only two things can convince her to act in films again: 1) if director Chito Roño is making the movie, and 2) if the film’s theme is about the family.

Kris and James both weathered a controversy early this year when Hope Centeno, a former receptionist at Belo’s clinic, told the media that she and James had a year-long appear.

She claimed they carried out the affair during James’ frequent visits to Belo’s clinic, where he was getting facial treatments.

Belo has denied Hope’s claim, saying any hanky panky is impossible inside her clinic’s treatment rooms because these are never locked and are regularly checked by clinic staff who supervise treatments being done on clientele.

Belo also said that as a receptionist, Hope was never authorized to accompany clients into the treatment rooms.

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