Jul 18, 2007

Janelle should make up her mind

"Wowowee" co-host Janelle Jamer, who claims she’s just on leave from the daily noontime show, should make up her mind. She was in "Showbiz Central" two Sundays ago not to confirm anything about her rumored interesting condition. There was talk that Janelle quit "Wowowee" because she is pregnant with Willie Revillame’s baby.

Janelle, however, denied this rumor and said she has no romantic involvement with Willie. She also pointed out that she hasn’t totally left "Wowowee" but is simply on leave from the program. Two months ago, Janelle announced her plan to go to the US and try her luck there after "Wowowee" did a show in Las Vegas. Her plan was botched when she failed to secure official working papers to remain in the US.

Janelle recently had a make-over when she appeared in "Showbiz Central" to announce she is now being managed by Cacai Velasquez, younger sister of Regine Velasquez. Janelle said she has made a drastic move and has been sidelined by all the intrigues which hounded her, but she is now ready to resume her showbiz career. She is staying in the country for good and has decided to forego her plans of working in the US.

Janelle should make up her mind on what she really wants to do. Showbiz is a career that should be built on a good foundation, not on fickle-minded decisions.
Mr. Showbiz
Manila Bulletin

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