Feb 8, 2008

Much talked about blockbuster MBC 'TWSSG/The Legend' showed up its appearance.

MBC's 'Section TV Entertainment Communication' aired on 24th made public highlight of the 'TWSSG/The Legend' which will air its first episode on Sept 11.
The 'TWSSG', which showed itself on that day, attracted attention from people who watched it with CG at such a high standard that it was difficult to consider it a drama, and big and mighty scale like movie.

Kim Jonghak PD, director of the 'TWSSG' told, "In Korean history, the Great King Kwang-gae-to is the only pioneering king. I

wanted to depict a story of such pioneer."

On the other hand, the 'TWSSG' (Script by Song Jina & Park Kyeongsoo/Directed by Kim Jonghak & Yoon Sangho) starring BYJ, Moon Sori, & Choi Minsoo, that has been experiencing difficult course regarding programming of the drama, will air its content from 1st to 3rd episodes from 11 Tuesday to 13 thursday, after airing special broadcasting on September 10. After that, from 19 Wednesday, it is scheduled to be aired on every Wednesday and Thursdays at 9:55PM.

Reported by Kim Hyeongwoo,cox109@newsen.com
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