Feb 9, 2008

The Legend GMA Cast of Characters

Here's a list of the characters in The Legend, an upcoming Korean epic TV series in GMA-7.
Hwanung/Hwan Woong (Bae Yung Jun): Son of god. He came down to earth with his four gods. He falls in love with Sae O/Se-O/Sayo.
Gajin/Ga Jin (Moon So-ri): Leader of the Tiger tribe. She falls in love with Hwanung/Hwan Woong.
Sae O/Se-O/Sayo(Lee Ji Ah): Kind leader of the Bear tribe.
She inherits the necklace heart of Ju Jak from Hwanung and she bears him a son.

2000 years later:
DamDeok: The real king of Jushin, expanded ??? Go Gwu Ryo.
His entire expanded empire is known as ??Ju Shin. His father became king when his uncle, the previous king, passed on the throne to his father. Both his uncle and his father believed that he is the Ju Shin king. He was forced to confront his aunt, Hogae's mother when she tried to poison his father the king. His aunt committed suicide afterwards and from that day, the friendship between Hogae and him soured and they turned from friends and cousins to enemies. His 1st love was Kiha but it was not meant to be as kiha is a spy. He will fall in love with Sujini, who will help him with the
expansion of his empire.
Sujini - Reincarnated human form of Ju Jak or Saeo, Disciple of Hyon Go. She did not know that she was Ju Jak. Sister to Kiha but they were separated when she was a baby.The members of the Gor Mel Chon found baby Sujini in a soya bean urn (5 year old Kiha placed Sujini inside to prevent her from getting hurt from the fire) in the burnt down house. When they first saw her, there was a mark of the Ju Jak on her forehead, confirming that she was the reincarnation of Ju Jak.
Out of the fear of her turning into the black phoenix, Hyon Go's master wanted Sujini to be killed but Hyon Go insisted on bringing Sujini up and he made the promise of killing Sujini if she ever turned into the Hek Ju Jak. She was adopted into Gor Mel Chon and was brought up like a boy (almost all members of Gor Mel Chon are males). She will fall in love with DamDeok and aid him with this empire.
So Kiha - Reincarnation of Ga Jin, .
Sister to Kiha but they were separated when she is a young girl due to the violet acts of Hwa Cheon Hwe. Their family protected and sheltered the Ju Jak magical item for centuries.. Before Hwa Cheon Hwe found them, Kiha's (and sujini's) mother, gave Kiha the necklace and told her to protect her baby sister as she is the eldest.
Their mum hid them under the floorboards. Hwa Cheon Hwe killed both parents and burned down their house. 5 year old Kiha hid her baby sister in the soya bean urn to protect her. The members of the hwa cheon hwe found and took the unconscious kiha back to their head quarters as she was wearing the Ju Jak magical item, the ruby necklace. But they did not know there was another baby. She lost her memory after the fire and she was adopted into Hwa Cheon Hwe. Hwa Cheon Hwe sent her into the palace to become a priestess. She fell in love with DaeDeok but their love was not meant to be as she was a spy for Hwan Cheon Hwe, and their target was to prevent the real Jushin king from taking throne.
Yon Hogae (Oh Kwang-rok) - Cousin to Damdeok. Borned on the same day and time as DamDeok. However he was not the Ju Shin king. They were best of friends until the death of Hogae's mother. Hogae's mother was a princess and she believed that her son hogae was the rightful king. She tried to poison DamDeok's father but this was discovered by DamDeok with help from Kiha. Damdeok told his aunt that if she can find the one responsible then no harm will come to her family or her son. She took the bottle of poison and committed suicide. However, before she died, she told hogae to become king and to beware of Damdeok. Hogae kept this in mind and they turned from friends to enemies. He is secretly in love with Kiha.
Hwa Cheon Hwe - Descendants of the tiger tribe, the members believe that the world belongs to them. They will do whatever it takes to find the 4 magical items and use their powers to prevent the Jushin king from ruling.

Gor Mel Chon - A tribe that protects the magical item of Wu Sa (Hyon Mu). The members are waiting for the real Jushin king to be born and when that day arrives, they will do their best to aid him.

??? Yon Ga Ryo - Father to Hogae.
?? Yang Wang - Father to Damdeok
??? Dae Jang Ro - The leader of the Hwan cheon Hwe.
??? Ju Mu Chin - Reincarnated, human form of Baek Ho
?? Cho Ro - Reincarnated human form of Chong Ryong
?? Hyon Go - Reincarnated human form of Hyon Mu
?? Dak Dan - Female warrior.

General Kho the guard of Damdeok.
Saryang, the guy who's incharge to look for Kiha at the palace. messenger of Hwancheon Leader. [the guy whose one eye is covered with his hair.]
Here's a chart of the character's relationship with each other, click for full view.

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