Feb 8, 2008

Moon Sori, transforms to alluring shaman in 'The Legend'

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TV viewers' interests are converging on transformation of actress Moon Sori(33), who challenges shaman character in fantasy history drama MBC 'TWSSG/The Legend'(script by Song Jina, Directed by Kim Jonghak)' , the first airing of which will be on coming September 10.
For Moon Sori, debuted in film 'Mint Candy' and getting recognition as actor with good acting skill even in world stage as

she won New Actress Award at Venice Film Festival with 'Oasis', this drama is her first drama appearance.

The characters Moon Sori acted in the drama are 'Kajin' shaman of fire in Mythology Period and 'Kiha', reincarnation of her, in Kogooryeo Period, and she acted double characters for one person. Although Kajin, shaman of fire in Mythology Period, feels love from Hwanwoong who descended from sky, she could not fulfill that love due to crossed fates, and she would reincarnate as Kiha in Kogooryeo Period after that.

Thus, Moon Sori plans to express hatred, crossed love, tantalizing fate in three dimensions with delicate acting of feeling going back and forth 2 periods. Staff in production of 'TWSSG' gave sense of expectation saying, "Passion and talent unique to Moon Sori that she has shown on screen (films) will be re-created and re-interpreted on TV."

'TWSSG' starring star class actors of BYJ, Moon Sori , Yoon Taeyoung, Park Sangwon, Choi Minsoo, etc, will start with special broadcasting containing introduction to the drama, course of production, and interviews with actors on September 10 & air 1~3 episodes consecutively from 11 to 13. The drama will visit TV viewers at 9:55PM every Wednesday & Thursdays from 19.

[ Moon Sori who will appear in double characters in MBC 'TWSSG'. Photo: offered by TSG Production, Cultural Business Exclusive Company]

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