Feb 8, 2008

The Legend, made public Four Gods of 'BYJ'!

[EPG Star Channel] 8/21/07

As the stories about Korea's first fantasy epic drama 'TWSSG', which is standing in the center of topic of talks before its airing because of famous production crew including PDs Kim Jonghak and Yoon Sangho and script writers Song Jina and Park Kyeongsoo as well as luxurious casting of BYJ, Moon Sori, & Lee Jia and music work by Hisaishi Jo, etc., are made public, Four Gods who escort Damdeok(acted by BYJ) are becoming topic of talks.
The Four Gods, one of fantasy elements in the 'TWSSG', means Black Turtle, Blue Dragon, White Tiger, and Scarlet Phoenix, who

are reincarnations of Woosa, Woonsa, & Poongbaek, who decended from sky along with Hwanwoong in Mythology Period, and Saeo who was bestowed power of fire from Hwanwoong, respectively.

They have special power of ruling such as water by Black Turtle, wood by Blue Dragon, iron by White Tiger, and fire by Scarlet Phoenix.
Because of that, in parts where they express their special power that they posess in the drama, element of fantasy will be more brilliantly demonstrated, and by the time it reaches a scene (First Episode) where they are getting together to hold Black Scarlet Phoenix in check, it will show new video image that we have not been able to see until now.

The Four Gods in the 'TWSSG' make the drama more interesting and abundant as they are made into characteristic character not only as something to watch on TV screen.

‘'Suzini'(acted by Lee Jia) is Scarlet Phoenix who came to posess power of fire by Hwangwoong in Mythology Portion, and she is an reincarnation of Saeo, who is a woman of Hwangwoong as well as a woman of Woong Tribe.

Scarlet Phoenix Saeo, who came to posess power to rule fire as she received from Hwanwoong a ruby necklace where power of fire, that was taken from Kajin, is confined in, is a chracter who provides momentum for Hwanwoong to seal Four Gods as she manifested as Black Scarlet Phoenix in a war against Ho Tribe, and who came to beautiful yet heart-breaking love with Hwanwoong. She will reincarnate into Suzini in Kogooryeo Period.

Suzini lost parents and older sister by Hwacheonhwoi even before she was one year old, was found by people of Keomeul Villiage, calls Hyeon-go her teacher, and would grow up as a child who is good at making jokes taking after teacher.

Because she grew up in the Keomeul Villiage where there is no woman around her, she was close to a tom boy rather than a woman and she is talented in archery, gambling, and pick pocketing and has broad-minded personality. Suzini, along with Hyeon-go, villiage head in the Keomeul Villiage, her teacher, will help Damdeok from the closest place to Damdeok and give much help for him to become truthful King.

The spiritually holy object of the Scarlet Phoenix, keeping power of fire inside, is ruby, and it was delivered to Saeo from Hwanwoong in part of Mythology Period, and later on over several thousand years, through Haessi family, it will be put on young Kiha, older sister of Suzini.

Would Suzini realize herself as the true Scarlet Phoenix, one of Four Gods who will play a decisive role for Damdeok to become truthful king, or manifest as Black Scarlet Phoenix, who make make world sea of fire as she did in the old time, after all…

'Hyeon-go'(acted by Oh Kwangrok), an reincarnation of Black Turtle who posesses power to rule water as the head among Four Gods, became head of villiage at Keomeul at young age as indicated by cane, a spiritually holy object of Black Turtle.

Since he found new-born baby 'Suzini' inside burnt home of 'Haessi' when he was little, he raises Suzini as her teacher despite objection from people around him.

To do a job of collecting all kinds of information of society and sending them to Keomeul Villiage, he watches movements inside Palace while reading fortunes for people who are going and coming in market place.

The reason for the people in the Keomeul Villiage and him to collect information endlessly like this is just one. That is to serve truthful king whom they would meet sometime. Thus, to find remaining 3 Gods by helping him (king), and to establish Jyushin Enpire again as Four Gods serve the king together.

Hyeon-go, although he jokes frequently and falls into difficult situation due to annoying practical jokes by Suzini, is a character with definite self-center who always protect Suzini as her teacher with his characteristic genorosity and audacity, and along with Suzini, he plays a role of helping Damdeok, his master, leading him to road of wisdom.

A cane, Black Turtle's spiritually holy object, has been kept for several thousand years in Keomeul Villiage. Throuout generations, villiage head in the Keomeul Villiage have been in charge of duty to protect the cane as owner of the spiritually holy object, and around the time that that order of the head of the Keomeul Villiage is about to end life, the cane by itself has been indicated next head of the Keomeul Villiage. And, when it recognize truthful king, it can by itself manifest original power of the spiritually holy object...

White Tiger 'Joomoochi' (acted by Park Seongwoong), who has power to rule iron as a reincarnation of Poongbaek, is a character with dauntless personality in spirit of fighting with fists if he does not have weapon, and with teeth if his fist is cut off. And, as much as his dauntlessness, he also has warm-heart. He has blunt personality who cannot express outside although he likes Dalbi who are totally in charge of housekeeping in Damdeok Force.

He reveals sense of his presence as he fights in war theaters helping Damdeok as supply corps of Malgal. At first, he did not want to recognize Damdeok as King nor wanted to live indebting to him.
He was just doing all his duty as supply corps. However, as he gradually had more time with him, he came to recognize him as true king.

An iron axe, the spiritually holy object of White Tiger, was left on earth after it changed into a iron piece losing its shape as it was sealed by Hwanwoong when Black Scarlet Phoenix manifested in old time. And, since then, just like other spiritually holy objects, the White Tiger's spiritually holy object also will indicate master who will protect itself, and its power will be awakened when that master meets king and serve the king with true heart.

'Cheoro' (acted by Phillip), a reincarnation of Woonsa who has power to rule wood as Guardian God in Orient, is lord of castle at Kwanmi Castle, who came to posess spiritually holy object of Blue Dragon by his father when he was young and has lived in ugly appearance for a long time.

In a record handed down in Keomeul Villiage, there is warning regarding spiritually holy objects of Four Gods, and each spiritually holy object chooses by itself a master who would protect it, and wants that master to lead itself to its sealed power.

However, if one takes that power by coertion against the will of spiritually holy object, that person can become a slave to that spiritually holy object. After all, Cheoro came to posess spiritually holy object of Blue Dragon inside his by by force from his father, he became a slave to the spiritually holy object as written in record of the Keomeul Villiage, and could not help but to live misfortunate time by hiding ugly face behind mask.

However, having such an ugly look, when he first saw Suzini, enemy soldier, he feels fluttering heart for the first time since his birth. Just like the heart felt by Woonsa from Saeo in that old time.…

The 'TWSSG', which will bring in expectation by revealing new and characteristic characters of Four Gods, depicts history of Kogooryeo centering around the Great King Kwang-gae-to who raised spirit of Han People by conquering continent. sole occasion in history of Korean Penninsula and it is expected to open a new chapter in our nation's dramas as it depicts vast fantasy epic drama combining Mythology and history.

Reported by Park Seonyeon
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