Feb 7, 2008

BYJ & Moon Sori, made their appearances in 'TWSSG' public for the first time

[Star News]9/11/06

The 'TWSSG'(The Legend), whose shooting is in progress beginning with Gosa (Korean traditional well-wishing ceremony last March, showed to the public BYJ, who is acting as 'The Great King Kwang-gae-to--Damdeok' and Moon Sori playing 'Seo Kiha' for the first time on the 11th.
The appearance of BYJ in the 'TWSSG' was a portion of shooting that progressed in a set in Kyeongki Province. It is the

appearance before 'Damdeok', that is the center among many appearances of BYJ, becomes the king.

'The Great King Kwang-gae-to--Damdeok' is the great king having both literary and military accomplishments, and is the respected figure who has accurate sense of reasoning and outstanding sense of righteousness. However, the BYJ's apeparance that was made public for the first time is an appearance of maturing youth 'Damdeok' instead of an appearance of 'The Great King Kwang-gae-to' with majestic atmosphere, and it makes one further more curious about BYJ's dignified appearance of 'The Great King Kwang-gae-to' which will be unveiled in the future.

BYJ also said his sense of expectation by saying, "As much as I came through long period of preparation, I expected a lot for shootings in the future. I think that the early story in which a figure 'Damdeok' is becoming the King in this drama has great significance to the entire drama."

Moon Sori, acting 'Seo Kiha' showing quiet charisma, exhibits cold and intellectual appearance. 'Seo Kiha' is Damdeok's very close friend as well as first love.

On the other hand, the "TWSSG' is pushing forward to overseas distribution aiming at over 90 nations in entire world including Japan in English title of 'Legend'. Along with unveiling of BYJ's appearance at the first shooting in this time, it also made public its main symbol and logo.

The main symbol and logo for the 'TWSSG' placed emphasis on effective expression of fantasy concept of the drama. The major design that consists of entire symbol is making configuration of images of the Four Gods (Blue Dragon, White TIger, Scarlet Peacock, Black Turtle) in the drama by making reference to mural painting in Kogooryeo. Those (Four Gods) express 'east, west, south, north', respectively, and 'world' and the round design surrounding thse is an image of the sun and that symbolizes absolute image of 'The Great King' that unites the world.

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