Oct 1, 2007

Jinkee asks Ara Mina to return all Manny's gifts

There are rumors that a disgusted Jinkee, the wife of Manny Pacquiao confronted Ara Mina and asked her to return all the luxurious gifts Manny Pacquiao gave to her. Among the said items are: a new car, diamond ring, necklace and a
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set of earrings. Jinkee is also demanding Ara to return her new 15 million peso house even if Ara sold her old house and a condo unit to purchase that. Ara also has said she is on a bank loan to help finance her new house.

Jinkee is reportedly on the warpath after she heard Ara is the true reason why Manny came home from L.A. and chose to do his training on Manila. Talks have it also that Manny paid Ara a cool three million pesos as his leading lady on his movie: Metro filmfest entry, “Anak ng Kumander”. If this is true, this would make Ara Philippine's highest paid actress.

Rumor has it also that Jinkee blocked Ara Mina as the singer of the National Anthem in Manny’s coming fight in Las Vegas with Barrera, so she was replaced by Kyla.

Ara told a friend she’s wishing all these nasty rumors about her and Manny would end soon.

“Gaga ba naman akong papatol sa isang taong alam kong may asawa’t mga anak na?” she said. “I’m sick and tired of intrigues, sa totoo lang.”

Is it true she’s sore at GMA-7 for not choosing her to sing “Lupang Hinirang” in Manny’s next fight?

“No, naisip kong mabuti na rin ngang hindi akong napiling kumanta ng national anthem, kundi lalo pa kong naintriga.”

As for Jinkee, we’re told she’s often seen in beauty shops these days to have beauty treatments and make-overs, just to make sure that she’s in top fighting form and won’t be eclipsed by Ara. She’s also exercising regularly. “Para raw siya hindi maging mataba gaya ni Ara,” our source maliciously adds.

Mario E. Bautista
People's Journal

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