Oct 1, 2007

Ryan Agoncillo replaces Luis Manzano as host in Pinoy Dream Academy 2

Ryan Agoncillo learned that Luis 'Lucky' Manzano is sad in being replaced as host on Pinoy Dream Academy 2. Ryan said he hopes he has not stepped on people's toes since he knows how it is to be replaced in a show. He was first considered as the host of One vs 100 but the job later went to Edu Manzano's lap.
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Meanwhile Judy Ann Santos, Ryan's current girlfriend has this to say about Ryan:
“MORE than having a boyfriend, may best friend ka pa."

Ryan says Judy Ann's superstar status is not a problem for both of them since that's not the reason he loves his girlfriend. He's happy whenever they go on dates and Judy rides on his car while people see them together.

“I don’t know what the other couples went through, but one of the things why our relationship work is she allows me to be the man in our relationship that’s why I can allow her to be the woman in our relationship.”

Nitz Miralles
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