Aug 28, 2007

Yilmaz says relationship with Ruffa is now 'perfect'

After spending eleven days in the country, Yilmaz Bektas finally bid goodbye to his family to return to his home country in Turkey. He had postponed his trip twice since he could not bear to part with his wife, Ruffa Gutierrez, and their two daughters. Yilmaz and Ruffa are now on the path of reconciliation after talking about their quarrels and differences face to face.
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"I have to go now. Of course, I'm gonna come back soon," he promised. "I look right now not I'm sad or upset. I'm leaving them here but I'm gonna come back again."

When asked to describe his relationship now with the TV host-actress, Yilmazconfidently said, "It's perfect. We will gonna continue again our marriage after we got the blessing from her family and from my family and we're gonna be fine. It's fine now."

"She's keeping her love and I also have the same feeling," he declared.

A few days before he left Manila, Yilmaz visited his wife in Quezon City during one of her tapings for Kokey. The video footage showed Ruffa with a bandage in her forehead, as part of the actress' props in her scene in Kokey. Yilmaz asked his wife, "Who break your head? Show me, show me. Last night, we had a fight."

When asked to explain her injury, the former beauty queen joked, "Alam n'yo po, nagselos kasi Yilmaz sa sobrang ikli ng suot ko sa The Buzz. Because I'm wearing short skirts kaya pinukpok niya ako sa ulo."

When her eldest daughter Lorin pressed Ruffa for an explanation for the bandage, the TV host-actress joked, "Kokey hit my head."

It was revealed that Yilmaz is considering purchasing a house in Manila for them to call their own. "I want a condo in Manila. We're looking [for a] house for us and we're gonna buy a house," Yilmaz said.

"Wow, it's so touching. I think, you know, 'yon yung price ko after sinaktan niya yung ulo ko," she laughed. Ruffa then turned to Yilmaz and translated, "I said you're gonna give me a house, it's my price because you hit my head and I had to go to the hospital."

The couple also disclosed their plans to get married again in the future. According to Ruffa, she is just waiting for Yilmaz's proposal and the approval of her parents, Annabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez. "We wanna make one a wedding. I wanna see again when she's wearing the gown."

"I'm waiting for the ring and I'm waiting for him to propose again," said Ruffa. "But before he does that, since he wants to get married again, so it means that he has to propose again to my Mom and Dad, right? I'm a girl, I have to like, you know..."

Yilmaz countered this by asking her, "You want a second bandage?"

Despite the distance and the amount of time consumed by traveling back and forth to Manila, Yilmaz will not think twice of coming back when his children miss his presence. "If my children will say ‘Bubba, we wanna see you again' then I will come. If I can't find a flight then I will swim."


Anonymous said...

what can one say about these 2 meat heads????

doesn't this prove-- they are a match made in bullshit hell??? !!!!!

yeah! Kurd Bektas is so man in the desert-- he doesn't really expect much-- his interpretation of a perfect relationship is-- HIS WIFEY IS LEGALLY MARRIED TO ANOTHER MAN... duh..

and ruffa better be ready to her face & body bruised to a pulp before she gets any condo or house from this jerk.. remember-- old man Bektas holds the money in that family-- he must know his son is a moron@!& pussy whipped..

this reminds me of what my very wise Tagalog Lola used to say-- 'some people easily drown themselves in a glass of water'.............ah! it fits these clowns perfectly.

Anonymous said...

what can one expect from a guy with very low IQ & no standards????

yap! that's right-- 'marry' ruffa gutierrez in a bigamous wedding!!!
& it appears-- this dumb Kurd wants to do it all over again.. ovey.