Aug 13, 2007

Heart, 'daring' sa 'Ay Ayeng'!

HEART Evangelista can only smile when someone asks her why she accepted a "daring" role in Ay Ayeng, the current digital film she is doing.
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In fairness to Heart and in spite of the movie title, the name of a mountain maiden, Ay Ayeng is a drama movie filmed entirely in Benguet.

"If earlier I had second thoughts about the

project, I began to like the script," Heart explains. "The role is different. I haven’t done one like this before."

She plays a teacher in a remote school in the uplands. The movie has touches of Ang Munting Tinig.

Right now, film director Edd Palmos (Babae Sa Ulog, Lumuha Pati Ang Langit, Ang G’ling G’ling Mo) is doing additional shoot. Heart’s co-stars include Maria Isabel Lopez, John Arcilla and Jao Mapa.

Incidentally, Edd Palmos replaces Marilou Diaz Abaya as Dean of the Film School of Ben Yalung.
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