Aug 13, 2007

Funfare: Body Talk with Aga Muhlach

Meet the “new” Aga Muhlach: Trim, fit, healthy, muscled and, ehem, sexy. Only several months ago, you wouldn’t catch him with shirt unbuttoned. Now, after losing more than 65 pounds in barely six months, Aga is so proud of his “new” body that he doesn’t have any qualms posing with his abs showing. Look, Charlene, no love handles!
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“We sometimes work out together,” said his wife Charlene Gonzalez. “Our twins, Andres and Atasha, sometimes join us for fun.”

You will see the “new” Aga in Star Cinema’s A Love Story, directed

by Maryo J. delos Reyes (who has directed Aga in several films) which opens nationwide on Wednesday, Aug. 15. The movie pairs Aga with Maricel Soriano for the first time, and with Angelica Panganiban, too. He plays a man torn between two women: Maricel as the woman he’s committed to and Angelica as the flight stewardess he gets attracted to.

Asked if in real life he has dated a flight stewardess, Aga said, “Oo naman!” Asked further if he has dared do “it” 37,000 feet above sea level (just like what a Qantas stewardess claimed she did with Hollywood actor Ralph Fiennes), Aga begged off. “No comment. My wife reads The STAR first thing in the morning.”

Okay, let’s talk about, yes, losing weight.

What’s your weight now?

“One hundred and sixty pounds, more or less. Just perfect for my height, 5’9”. Although I still have to go down to 155, I feel comfortable with my weight now. I feel light.”

And what was your heaviest?

“Two hundred and twenty pounds.”

When did you realize that you have to trim down?

“When I started hearing negative things about me, although in a joking manner. I was also starting to make fun of my weight. I was starting to feel bad. Buwisit na ako sa sarili ko, buwisit na ako sa mundo, buwisit na ako sa lahat! It was all because of how I felt about myself, because bumababa na ang self-esteem ko.”

So the jokes affected you.

“Oh yes, they did! I told myself, ‘I’m still young. I shouldn’t be like this!’ Then, I resolved, ‘I can do it. Kayang-kaya ko ito!’ I was turning 38 (yesterday, Aug. 12) and I told myself that I would do it in the next two years, until I’m 40.”

But you did it in only a few months!

“Yes. Starting last January. I was determined. I didn’t feel like going out anymore; nagkukulong na lang ako sa bahay. I would come up with excuses not to go to work. I was starting to be ashamed of my weight. I knew it would be hard to trim down but I was determined. I told myself, ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’.”

Did you lose the excess poundage by yourself?

“No. I have a trainer. I can’t do it by myself. You have to tone your muscles and all that, you know.”

Didn’t you ever think of resorting to cosmetic surgery?

“No. Never! I didn’t have to do that. Unang-una, I am athletic. Now nga, my hobby is wake-boarding. I love the sun and the sea. Soon, I will be jet-skiing. My wife and I lead a very active life.”

So what has been your diet since January?

“I’ve been eating six small meals every day. In fact, you can eat as many as seven or eight time, but only very small meals. Don’t overeat. I avoid rice; no limit sa vegetables. I have oatmeal as often as I can. I really love oatmeal, that’s why when I was asked to endorse it, okay kaagad ako.”

And, I suppose, chicken.

“Yes. Chickenjoy. (From Jollibee, which he’s endorsing. — RFL) My twins and Charlene also love Chickenjoy.”

What food do you avoid?

“Carbo, although I take a little of it when I work out. But no salt because with salt your body retains water and you feel sluggish. I eat mostly camote and wheat pasta.”

Do you take vitamins and/or minerals?

“No, I don’t. I get nutrients from food.”

Are you hypochondriac?

“No, I’m not.”

Or a “medicine” person — you know, a little pain and you swallow a pain reliever?

“I do but only rarely.”

What other workouts do you do?

“I do boxing. I jog.”

It’s a good thing you didn’t get flabs. Loose flesh is ugly to look at.

“That’s why I work out a lot. Losing weight is not only about dieting; it’s also about working out.”

What part of your body do you think needs improvement?

“None. I’m happy with my body now. I used to say, ‘My hair,’ pero happy ako sa buhok ko ngayon.”

What part of your body is most vulnerable?


And what part is your favorite?

“None. I’m not vain. Believe it or not, but I seldom look at the mirror. You know, ang daming parang walang itsura pero malakas ang dating. Some people naman may be good-looking pero walang dating, walang presence.”

I wonder, do you still look at other women?

“Yes, I do.”

And what part of a woman’s body do you look at first?

“From the waist down, the hips, the butt. I’m not particular about the face.”

You seem to have a fixation for beauty queens. (Before marrying Charlene, he was linked to 1993 Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, and then some.)

“No naman. Nagkataon lang.”

How much liquid do you take everyday?

“A lot. Distilled water, mineral water. I keep on drinking water.”

What about soda or juices?

“Only during my ‘cheat’ days, once a week, when I pig out and eat anything. Now I can do it because I’ve achieved my ideal weight and I can easily maintain it.”

And how many hours of sleep do you get per night?

“Six or seven hours are good enough for me. If I get more than that, even only mga eight hours, I don’t feel good. Luckily, even if I lack sleep, maski three days na akong puyat, I don’t get eyebags.”

What time do you usually go to bed?

“Before midnight.”

Favorite sleep wear?

“White shirt, always white shirt, and an old shorts. I always take a bath before going to sleep. Otherwise, hindi maganda ang tulog ko.

You sleep well when you feel clean.”

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“Charlene and I talk; we make kuwento.”

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

“I say, ‘Good morning, Baby!’ to Charlene.”

What’s your favorite city?

“London. Why? I just find it beautiful. I can stay there all my life. I want my kids to study there.”

Your favorite hideaway?

“Our farm house in Batangas.”

How do you cope with stress?

“A, wala sa akin ang stress. One minute lang sa akin ang stress.”

Okay, name three men you think have nice bodies.

“Michael Jordan. Brad Pitt. George Clooney.”

And three women — aside from Charlene — you think have nice bodies.

“Charlize Theron. Jessica Alba. Angel Locsin.”

Do you have any fantasy figure?

“I’d rather not answer. My wife reads The STAR first thing in the morning.”

Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?

“Hey, makuha ka sa tingin! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”
Ricardo F. Lo
Philippine Star

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