Aug 13, 2007

Annabelle not ready to face Yilmaz

The whole world knows how estranged couple Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas hurled accusations at each other — Ruffa saying she was a battered wife, etc.; and Yilmaz branding Ruffa as a “traitor,” etc. — but in yesterday’s edition of The Buzz, the un-couple acted as if nothing happened. In fact, during the extended taped interview with Ruffa’s co-host Boy Abunda, Ruffa was constantly smiling and laughing, while Yilmaz looked a bit nervous and tentative in his answers, begging off when asked if he, indeed, beat up Ruffa.
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“He’s really sweet,” said Ruffa, “but when he gets angry, he’s something else,” insinuating that he could be “violent” as she has claimed in interviews at the height of their widely-publicized word war.

Yilmaz arrived last Friday from Istanbul to visit his and Ruffa’s two daughters, Lorin and Venice,

to iron things out with Ruffa and ask forgiveness from Ruffa’s parents, Annabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez.

“But first,” said Ruffa when asked about a possible (but remote?) reconciliation, “(Yilmaz) should see a psychiatrist. In fact, tonight (last night), we’re having counselling. What will happen after? Let’s wait and see.”

Ruffa cannot just leave, reportedly to Spain where Yilmaz wants her and their daughters to start life anew, because of the contracts she signed with ABS-CBN and for commercials. It’s a possibility that makes Annabelle shudder in fear.

“You can never tell what will happen to Ruffa there,” Annabelle told Funfare. “At least here, kasama niya kami.”

Will she forgive Yilmaz if and when he asks maybe for forgiveness, maybe on his knees?

“No,” Annabelle said bluntly, “Eddie and I are not ready to face him.”
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star

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