Jul 17, 2007

Who's that cute MyDSL boy?

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Funfare readers have been asking who the cute guy is in the PLDT My DSL Experience Plan 999 TV commercial and print ads and whose face is on huge billboards all over the metropolis.

Here are some facts about the boy, Dino Imperial, from ACC:ESS mag (published monthly by the Media Services Division of the Philippine Long Distance Company for employees and friends):

• Dino (whose real surname is Kilatis) is 19 (April 9, 1988, Aries), stands 5’8”, weighs 140 lbs., with brown eyes and black hair.

• Two years ago, he was launched as member of the ABS-CBN Talent Center’s Star Circle Batch 13. His first TV show was About Your Love, followed by Love Spell. He was in the cast of the ABS-CBN show Ellay Enchanted. Before his TV appearances, Dino did a bit part in Regal Films’ Shake, Rattle & Roll three years ago, but was seen only at the last part of the movie.

• He was born and raised in Las Vegas to Filipino parents from Pampanga. Dino came home for good with his sister, leaving an older brother in the US. His father is a CEO in a casino and his mother is a plain housewife.

• He’s a multi-media sophomore at the College of St. Benilde and is staying by his lonesome in a condo unit on Taft Ave., near his school. “My mom brings me food stuffed in Tupperware with rice and the veggies for storage in the freezer. It’s like my food supply for one week,” Dino disclosed in the ACC:ESS interview.

 He was 12 when a talent scout discovered him in a burger store. He started modeling for “small stuff” such as condo brochures before he graduated to “bigger stuff” like ads for softdrinks and food chains. And the PLDT My DSL offer came along.

• “Dino was clearly the right choice (for the PLDT My DSL ad) from the start,” Edge Pasion, casting director of the advertising agency FCB, was quoted by ACC:ESS as saying. “He certainly fits the picture.” Dino was chosen from a field of more than 100 aspirants.

• The PLDT My DSL ad coaches the kids how to convince their parents to get the Internet package by using good manners (you know, say “Please” and other terms of respect).
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star

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