Jul 17, 2007

Will Angel’s wings be clipped?

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Just when she’s soaring, seemingly unchallenged in her exclusive space, things have to start turning sour, with more questions than answers littered in the wake of her (sudden?) departure for the US which spawned ugly speculations such as...is she, hmmm, in an interesting stage? (Very unlikely, if you ask me, considering that she’s one level-headed girl who won’t ruin her career by committing such a destructive indiscretion.)

Now, will Angel Locsin’s wings be clipped? Will she fall with a thud? Or will she spin in the wind like a kite cut off from the string?

Until she and her manager, Becky Aguila, come home from the US, these and many other questions will remain unanswered.

Meanwhile, showbiz-watchers keep on guessing if Angel is, indeed, jumping ober da bakod (to rival network ABS-CBN) now that her contract has expired with GMA 7, the network that took pains and efforts to make her the big star that she is now and make her soar in the movie firmament the way that no other company ever did.

GMA sources said that negotiations are going on for the renewal of Angel’s contract.

Now, is ABS-CBN really making Angel an offer she cannot refuse?

“No,” an ABS-CBN executive told Funfare, “we haven’t made any offer.”

Another Funfare source said that if and when Angel signs up with another company, legal problems are bound to crop up because she and/or her manager can’t produce a release paper from GMA 7 which is not inclined to issue that important document.

As far as Angel’s movie contract is concerned, the one who has a legal right to it is none other than Regal Matriarch Mother Lily. I don’t think Angel and/or her manager can mess around with the Regal Matriarch knowing what a shrewd businesswoman she is.

Who’s making Angel’s life and career difficult?

“It’s somebody around her,” said a Funfare DPA, “somebody who wasn’t with Angel during her struggle to the top but who came only when Angel Locsin was already Angel Locsin. That somebody is the one creating all these problems for Angel. If Angel only knows, if she only realizes the mess she’s in...”

Postscript: The tabs say that Angel, whose immediate ex is Oyo Sotto (who has crossed over from GMA 7 to ABS-CBN), has found a new love in the person of Michael Templo, 31, one of the two sons (the other is John, 33, a classical literature professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific) of Mildred Ortega and Ret. Gen. Mitch Templo. Like Jolina Magdangal’s boyfriend Bebong Muñoz, Michael is a lawyer (specializing in immigration cases and migration to the US and Canada) who studied at a law school in New York and works there while at the same time attending to a law office he and compañeros have put up in Makati a few months ago. According to Michael, it was his office which processed the papers (visa, etc.) of Angel’s manager and others in the entourage. Asked if he has met Angel or if it’s true that “something beautiful” is starting to blossom between them, Michael simply smiled. No comment.
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star

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