Jul 17, 2007

Fans of Rhian Ramos are on a rampage

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The fans of Rhian Ramos are on a rampage once again. They didn’t like it when she was linked to budding actor PJ Valerio and to Eurasian athlete Phillip Youngblood. Now, they’re objecting again as she’s currently being linked to DJ Mo. They wrote us and all writers with an e-mail address to say they saw Rhian on a date with Mo in Glorietta and in Tiendesitas. They claim Rhian went inside Mo’s car and stayed there for a long time, insinuating they did some hanky panky.

"Halata mong may relasyon sila dahil sa body language nila," adds one letter-writer. Now, they’re telling Rhian’s handler and manager not to allow her to guest in Mo’s radio show. "Oras na payagan n’yo si Rhian, maghanap na siya ng bago niyang fan group," they threaten. "We supported Rhian thinking she’s a decent young woman. Sa dinami-dami ng lalaki, why allow her to go with Mo na lahat ng babaeng dumikit ay kung nabubuntis, nagpapa-abort. Patunayan n’yo that Rhian is deserving of our support. Do your job. Ilayo n’yo siya kay Mo Twister."
To prove they are serious with their threats, they burned a banner of Rhian they intend to use in the premiere night of her movie, "Ouija." My, how possessive these fans are. They must think they own Rhian. We don’t think fans should meddle with the personal life of the stars they support. If they don’t like what she’s doing, then they could just withdraw their support without making any threats that make them look like they have a case of fatal attraction for Rhian. And to think Rhian is not even a big star yet and "Ouija" is not even her solo movie but that of Judy Ann Santos and Jolina Magdangal.

At the presscon of "Ouija," Rhian said Mo is her friend, but not her boyfriend. Mo has admitted that Rhian is his crush. "There’s nothing wrong with that naman, ‘di ba?" says Rhian. "Also, I’m not ready for a serious relationship. I feel napakabata ko pa at 16 for that. I’m focusing my attention more on my career and on my studies. Third year pa lang ako ngayon sa high school kasi natigil ako when I joined showbiz. But I’m determined to finish this at gusto ko ring makatungtong ng college."

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