Jul 21, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother: PBB’s ‘Bad Girl’ plays a burlesque queen

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Will, rather can, Wendy Valdez, known as the “Bad Girl” from the house of Big Brother — or, as her detractors loved to call her, Kontrabida ng Bayan — out-sexy Vilma Santos and/or Ina Raymundo in the “daring” role of a burlesque queen?

Knowing Wendy to be bold and, that’s it, daring, somebody who didn’t mince words inside Big Brother’s house and thereby incurred the ire of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) followers, I can say that the squatter girl from Malabon will, and can, do just that.

In her acting debut in the forthcoming ABS-CBN teleserye titled Margarita, Wendy plays a burlesque queen,

a role calculated to enhance her image as a “bad” girl, a “title” Wendy takes with a grain of salt judging from the casual, insouciant way she acknowledged the jeers at the Big Dome during PBB’s grand elimination night where Wendy emerged as one of the Top 4 (grand-prize winner was Beatrice Saw). Thankfully, nobody made good their threat to throw tomatoes at her.

ABS-CBN guys make it clear that Margarita is not a TV remake of neither the bold-drama Burlesk Queen which starred Vilma Santos in the mid-’70s nor the 1990’s remake titled Burlesk Queen Ngayon with Ina Raymundo (she showed “all,” didn’t she?) as lead star.

“Margarita is not an adaptation,” assured ABS-CBN exec Deo Endrinal. “It’s an original story. Nagkataon lang na Wendy’s role is that of a burlesque queen.”

Scheduled to premiere next Monday night, July 30, as part of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida block, Margarita also topbills Diether Ocampo and Bruce Quebral (also a PBB graduate) as Wendy’s leading men.

Other members of the cast are Elizabeth Oropeza as Wendy’s stepmother; Rio Locsin as Wendy’s mother; Dick Israel as Wendy’s father; Joseph Bitangcol as Wendy’s brother; John Manalo as Wendy’s half-brother; Sharlene San Pedro as Wendy’s half-sister; and Keanna Reeves (another PBB graduate) as Wendy’s mentor and friend.
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star


Anonymous said...

hi wends and all wendy fanatics..... we are all vindicated!!! am so happy with what is happening to wendy's career, hope it will continue and make waves in showbiz.....i was reallt rooting for her to be the big winner but am happy with the outcome....with her placement is laready an achievement....i will continue to support you wends....thanks for making us eager to go home and watch pbb2.....you added life/ spice to ur season(pbb2)...just be humble and be continue to pray......i lab yah.....am ur no. 1 fan....always fighting for you...jofan of dubai

poosacat said...

Yes VINDICATED is the right word. ruffa asked wendy how does she feel that ABS is giving her all these breaks...thankful and that maybe God knows "whats really in her heart". So Wendy fanatics lets not dwell on the negative stuff..pabayaan na lang natin sila...after all, dami na natin BLESSINGS...what more can we ask for.Support na lang natin sya! WE lav yah WENDANG!

Ela said...

No offense meant girls/guys, I still doubt her sincerity. Kung sabagay contrition is subjective and intangible, but since she's her family's breadwinner I hope God will teach her to chase her dreams without hurting anyone in the process.