Jul 18, 2007

Iza Calzado gets 'The Echo' Hollywood film role

"Nagtititili siya!" (She was thrilled) was how director Yam Laranas described the reaction of actress Iza Calzado when she learned that she had landed the plum role in Laranas' Hollywood remake of "The Echo."
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Laranas had fought for Calzado to reprise the role of the battered wife who haunts an apartment. Roy Lee, the producer of "The Echo," agreed, saying, "She was perfect in the original. Why shouldn't we get her for the remake?"

The management of GMA Network, where Iza has a TV show, has allowed her time off to film in Toronto starting on August 20, the director said.

Laranas sounded just as thrilled for Calzado when he called in London from Toronto to share the good news.
Janet Susan R. Nepales, Ruben V. Nepales

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