Jul 19, 2007

Amalia: I don’t want to end up like Nida

As a cinema icon, Amalia Fuentes has made a lot of unforgettable films. But the dizzying turn of events in her troubled marriage to Joey Stevens beats all the intricate plots of her movies combined. Joey is exhausting all means to win her back but she knows better.

When Tita Nena asked him about his mistress Angie Aznar, Joey denied it, saying, “It’s not Angie. It’s Techie. But we’re not together anymore. I can never fall for a woman like Angie whose brother was involved in the Chiong sisters’ murder and rape case. Besides, she has such a shady background and had too much plastic surgery.”
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When asked about his love child with Angie, Joey told Tita Nena, “I will never deny my own flesh and blood. I don’t have a kid with that woman.”

After Joey’s vehement denials, two unidentified men barged into the village where Tita Nena lives. They left a stern message for her to leave Angie alone. “I am afraid that what happened to Nida (Blanca) will happen to me. Joey is in dire financial straits because of his gambling problem. Out of desperation, he might do a Rod Strunk. If I die now, Joey will get half of my estate. That’s why he doesn’t want a separation,” Tita Nena lamented.

Just like in her movies, La Amalia will never play second fiddle in this ongoing saga. Queen Nena is meant for bida roles only. When all this is over, she will surely ride off into the sunset with the leading man of her choice.
Dolly Anne Carvajal

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