Jul 16, 2007


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THE late director and Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock is known for doing cameo roles in his movies. He could be seen among the crowd walking with a toy poodle in his hand and no lines whatsoever. You just have to sharpen your eyes to see him because his appearance would only last a few seconds.

Ryan Agoncillo is doing the same thing in “Ouija” and he has no role in the movie to speak of. “Basta ang gwapo, gwapo niya at huwag kayong kukurap dahil ganoon kabilis ang kuha sa kanya,” warns girlfriend Judy Ann Santos, who is one of the lead stars in the movie, which also include Jolina Magdangal, Iza Calzado and Rhian Ramos.

When Ryan starred in a digital movie which sadly bombed at the box-office, Juday also had a cameo appearance. It is now Ryan’s turn to return the favor.

Cameo appearances are no guarantee to help sell the movie. Artists do it for fun.

The selling point of “Ouija” is on the strength of the two stars, Judy Ann and Jolina who have never been cast in a movie together. The other strength of the movie directed by Topel Lee is it being a horror.

In the story, four cousins (played by Judy Ann, Jolina, Iza and Rhian) dare to call on the spirits of the dead with an old ouija board they played on when they were kids. They have no idea what terror and danger they had invited into their lives. When the ouija board gets burned by accident before they are able to finish the ritual, they find themselves trapped and finding a way to release the spirit before it claims their lives.
Remy Umerez
People's Journal

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