Jul 31, 2007

GMA is doing it wrong

Do GMA’s spindoctors know that the underdog mentality is quite strong in our society? If they do, they should not be publicizing malicious lies about Angel Locsin and pinning her down for what is basically a girl’s attempt to improve herself and correct the lopsided situation. Such efforts are backfiring big time! In an informal survey conducted by this columnist involving 50 non-showbiz people as respondents, 84 percent opined that they support Angel’s decision. That’s tremendous support, clearly showing they sympathize with her. Are GMA executives, spindoctors and paid hacks converting Angel fans and supporters into Kapamilya viewers? It seems a low-key approach is more beneficial than hard sell.
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Breaking buzz: Here’s an update about Angel dated July 28 as sent by Becky Aguila through a text message: “Left Angel at the Assumption Convent. Today is her last day of Intro 2

Fashion Designing and second week starts on Monday. Will have time tomorrow to take the bus tour ride and shop. The convent will be a good place to reflect and soul search. Very peaceful and strict run by the Assumption nuns. They’ll take care of Angel. I can now relax and enjoy London and hopefully Paris as well. I’m billeted at the John Howard Hotel at 4 Queen’s Gate Kensington London near the Assumption Convent. Will be here until July 31. Angel will stay behind.”

Angel denied all rumors about her, including abortion and a sex video in a taped interview from London as aired by The Buzz.

Mother Lily Monteverde, for whom Angel has a question about her film contract, has made herself unavailable for meetings with Becky, typical of her shrewd business practices!
Edgar Cruz
The Daily Tribune

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