Jul 14, 2007

GMA-7: Foxy Lady Cast and characters

Here are the lead characters of GMA-7's Foxy Lady:

1. Vicky (Ko Byeong-hee)
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The lead character who struggles mightily with her self-imposed insecurities. Inspite of her real age, she's still a virgin and her character is still very much young who still dreams about the perfect man, a better job and a romantic vacation trip with one great love she has yet to meet.

2.GMA-7 ? (Park Cheol-su)
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At first glance he's the typical good-looking bad boy rebel that gives moms nightmares about their daughters. Never having felt the need to advance for a university degree, he devotes himself to his passion for cars. He is oblivious to the adoration of women who are drawn to his mysterious and dangerous charisma.

Inwardly he detests a set life: plans for the future like a house, wife and a good paying job.
But he seems to be a perfect poster boy in tempting everyone about the possibility of having a job you love and living life to the fullest day by day as opposed to the established rat race that everyone of us seem to be trapped to or will someday be in too.

3. ? (Bae Hee-myeong): A urologist
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The good-looking ideal man that parents dream of having as a son-in-law. He's a succesful and respected doctor who is unabashed about his vanity and self-confidence.

He is drawn to Vicky, a woman so unique and strange that one can't decide if she's to be shunned or cherished. In the end he falls in love with the funny and yet innocent in still so many things lady.
4. ? (Ko Jun-hee): fashion model
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Beautiful sister of Vicky who is entirely different from her. Unlike her sister, she's confident and focused on someday becoming a famous supermodel. Vain to the core, she knows she's a good-looking woman but inwardly she's also hounded with insecurities because it seems everyday younger and younger models sprout around her making the competition in the modelling world a lot tougher.

She unexpectedly becomes a mediator between Vicky and Park Cheol-su since Cheol-su is her high school batch mate.


Edree said...

me and my friends love Foxy Lady!!!
can i save Lloyd's pic and post it on my blog?

Nadine said...

yes it's alright.