Jul 17, 2007

Foxy Lady local article

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Those who loved the romantic-comedy "Kim Sam Soon" will enjoy "Foxy Lady" that replaces "Love in Heaven" at 11 a.m. starting last Monday. This is the story of Vicky (Go Hyun Jung), a sexy 33-year-old magazine writer who’s dreaming of having a passionate love affair with her own Mr. Right. But will she just settle for anyone who comes her way? Her story is so funny as it is so real and we know a let of women on their last trip will be able to relate with her situation.

Vicky’s life perks up when she meets AJ (Chun Jung Myung), the brother of her best friend. The problem is he’s only 24 and because of their age gap, she considers him only as her kid brother when he has a big crush on her. The two will eventually prove that age that does not really matter when it comes to love. Don’t miss "Foxy Lady" as it’s sure to win the hearts of both male and female viewers.

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