Jul 26, 2007

Claudine: Giving birth is a lovely experience

Easy does it. After laboring for six hours, she made five “pushes” and then she heard her baby cry.
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“It was a lovely experience,” Claudine Barretto said, recalling how she delivered her and husband Raymart Santiago’s firstborn, Rodrigo Santino, the normal way last July 19, a day before her and Raymart’s birthday. “My OB-Gyne, Dr. Gregorio Pastorfide, told me, ‘I want you to experience childbirth at its loveliest;

want it to be a beautiful experience for you. I don’t want you to be traumatized.’”

Claudine said that Raymart was such a big help from whom she got great moral support.

“We had a six-week lesson in Lamaze. We both studied child-bearing, including how to breathe properly. He was supportive all the way, that’s why I’m really proud of him. He was a great coach. I was active during my pregnancy. Raymart and I often strolled in the mall. A few days before I gave birth, we went pa to Tagaytay. Sabi nila, when you give birth, your husband appreciates you all the more. In my case, it was the reverse. I started appreciating Raymart even more.”

The baby is a namesake of Santino Martin Nievera, son of Martin Nievera and Katrina Ojeda. It’s no coincidence. Raymart’s full first name is Raymond Martin, and Santino is short for Martin.

Raymart can change diapers and prepare the feeding bottle with his eyes closed because he has gone through it with their daughter Sabina. But up to now, he can carry Santino only when he’s swaddled. Otherwise, he can’t; he doesn’t dare.

“It’s scary,” said Raymart. “The baby looks so soft. Ang lambot-lambot!”

“We are very careful with Santino because he has just been circumcised,” said Claudine.

Sabina doesn’t feel insecure or jealous because Claudine and Raymart have prepared her for Santino’s arrival.

Because she’s breastfeeding, Claudine will return to work in September or October yet. By then, Santino shall have been baptized. Claudine and Raymart haven’t set a date for the baptism and are in the process of making a list of the ninongs and ninangs, so far with only four names — Edu Manzano, Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino and Piolo Pascual.

How many more children do they want to have?

Just one.

“We want only three,” the couple agreed. “We now have Sabina and Santino.”
Ricky Lo
Philippine Star

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