Jul 1, 2007

Another explosive PBB issue? Allegations of leakage hours prior to the Big Night.

According to PEP, a reliable source has leaked the winners on Big Night as early as last Saturday afternoon, June 30.

Even the colors of the gown to be worn by the Big Four are given,

Bea Saw will wear a white gown, black for Wendy Valdez.

That Mickey will place third, fourth for Gee-an, Wendy second and Bea the big winner.

Bea did win, and Gee-ann is fourth, but Mickey and Wendy changed places.

As of this hour, PBB management is being contacted by PEP for a statement.

Read the full article here.

My take on this, it is not far fetched that Bea did win the grand prize, because among the four house mates, Beatriz had the most potential for attracting votes for the majority of Filipinos.
This could be another press release to hype up Pinoy Big Brother. Sana hinay hinay sa accusations ang media, because Bea could get hurt.

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