Jul 1, 2007

Under dog Beatriz Saw is Pinoy Big Brother Season Two's Big Winner

Finally, after a tearful and painful journey Beatriz is voluntarily given the golden apple.
With a total of 1,571,556 votes or 30.29 percent of total votes, Beatriz eclipsed Mickey Perz who won second and was hands down the favorite of the showbiz crowd and the powerful fan girl culture. Even Lauren Dyogi predicted that the Global house mate from Switzerland will be this season's big winner. Surely, Mickey would have won the grand prize with his unifying leadership and unfailing discipline, but the Filipino's fancy and sympathy are won by Bea's unshakable Filipino traits of putting family first above all else that easily outshines the rest of her house mates.
She is also much praised for her maturity in dealing with strife when she was unfairly verbally attacked by another housemate Maricris. That and another grudge that Wendy had for Bea that glaringly surfaced during the crucial remaining days inside the PBB house. Director Wen Deramas is noted for taking note of Bea's knack for diplomacy, maturity, and breeding in handling a potentially explosive situation.
Beatriz was undeniably Filipino and at the same time she thought us Filipinos a thing or two.
We Pinoys are famous for our niceness but also for our quick tempers. We easily take offense, but Beatriz has shown the Filipinos a character where she can really turn the other cheek. Also, many OFWs hearts were touched by the struggle of this pretty chinita. She didn't grow up with her mom and dad, and yet she turned out to be
quite a shining example of appreciating her parents' sacrifices.
Beatriz had a simple reason for joining Kuya's house, she wants to win the prize so that her family will finally have their own house and they can finally live together. And oh how we Pinoys gave it to her, for she truly was the most deserving.
Beatriz had this message to all when she finally won, with a shout: "Follow your dreams, GO!" and the crowd roared in return.

That's how Bea is, simple but deep. A good cliche that once again resounded throughout the jaded Philippines.

Wendy meanwhile placed third with 1,209,978 votes or 23.32 percent. Gee-ann got 1,119,714 votes or 21.58 percent that placed her in the fourth rank.

And yes, Wendy received a lot of flak and boos from the Araneta crowd, which she tried hard to dismiss.

Congratulations Beatriz Saw!

Watch the video by Gracie here.

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