Feb 6, 2008

The Legend (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) Brief Introduction

Mula sa dugo ni Jumong...
Warning: Spoilers
This is a small introduction of the upcoming Korean epic action drama The Legend (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) or The Story of the Great King and the Four Gods on GMA-7 this March.
During the ancient times, the god Hwanung (above photo) came down from heavens to stop the war between the Tiger and the Bear tribes. He couldn't bear to see so many innocent people being killed because of the conflict of arms between the two groups.
He came along with the three gods of nature namely Blue Dragon (Cheong-Ryong),
White Tiger (Baek-Ho), and Black Turtle Snake (Hyeon-Mu).
Gajin (above)was a female leader of the Tiger tribe called Ho-jok. She had a gift of power with fire.
She was cruel with her tribe members and a ruthless enemy of the Bear tribe.
She managed to rule the world and assimilated all of the other tribes under her leadership except with the Ung-jok (Bear tribe).
Se-O was (above) the kind leader of the Bear tribe.
The god Hwanung saw the cruelty of Gajin and decided to give her power of fire to Se-O.
Gajin seems to desire Hwanung but Hwanung has fallen in love with the kind-hearted Se-O.
Hwanung sealed the power in a necklace called "The Heart of Jujak" or "The Red Phoenix" and gave it to Se-O.
Gajin is furious with Hwanung and Se-O but had a change of heart when she almost died because of an encounter with another tribe where Hwanung healed her to save her life.

Gajin told her own tribe to stop the war with the Bears. Her council rebelled and attacked the Bear tribe against her wishes. Gajin was furious and killed her council members with her own blade. She escaped from her tribe and went to the place of the Bear tribes.
Since she had feelings for Hwanung she was planning to offer herself to him as his woman.
Unfortunately Hwanung was unaware of Gajin's feelings for him and caused her to stumble upon him declaring his love for Se-O.
Gajin was once again enraged for unknowingly seeing the proposal of Hwanung to Se-O.
She plotted to take her revenge on the couple, the god and his beloved Bear chief.

Hwanung had to return to the heavens against his own heart's wishes leaving behind Se-O who was pregnant with his child. Meanwhile Gajin managed to regain her old tribe's control and decided to attack once again the Bear tribe.
Gajin managed to kidnap Se-O's baby boy. She asked the bear chief to give back her power of fire or she kills her baby. Se-O reasons to Gajin that the necklace "The Red Phoenix" is the only memory she has of Hwanung and if she parts with it she would feel like half of her heart is dead.
Gajin became mad and throws Se-O's baby down at the cliff. Se-O went berserk with anger and she couldn't control her own power, which came out of her. Se-O thinks her baby is dead but unknown to her Hwanung flew down from heavens to catch their baby boy.
The red phoenix became a black one, a dangerous one since even Se-O couldn't stop it.
Se-O was unconscious with rage while the black phoenix throws destruction on earth.
Hwanung orders the three gods to stop it but they were unsuccessful.
Hwanung had no choice but to kill Se-O since as long as she's alive the black phoenix would bring fire and destruction on earth. He kills his beloved which disillusions him.
Gajin was overcome with guilt for the destruction and loss of life she cause, she then killed herself.

Hwanung proceeded to seal the Four Gods: Red Phoenix, White Tiger, Blue Dragon, and Black Turtle Snake in separate artifacts each. He left them to certain people to act as guardians over the sealed objects. He told them the gods will wake-up once the King of Jushin is born.
Before returning to the heavens, Hwanung prophesied that a true King of Jushin will be born two thousand years hence, and will rebuild Jushin with the help of the four gods.

The real story of The Legend begins when Damdeok appears, the reincarnation of Hwanung.
At the same time the true guardians of the four gods' artifacts will also be born along with his birth.
Damdeok will face many difficulties early on life, and only his true destiny will tell us if he succeeds in achieving what Hwanu has prophesied two thousand years before he was born.

See a link to the scene where Seyo (Se-O) can't control her powers click HERE.
Side note: Hwanung is also spelled as Hwanwoong
Gajin as Kajin
Se-O (Seo) as
Jushin as Joo Shin

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