Sep 23, 2007

Sharon: Kiss and tell si Billy

Megastar Sharon Cuneta gave a conflicting answer when asked for her reaction towards Billy Crawford's confession to DJ Mo that KC Concepcion is a good kisser.
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“GOOD kisser kasi kami. So, I don’t blame him (Billy Crawford) for that,” she jokingly told the press.

“But honestly, sumama ang loob ko sa isyung ’yan. Kasi kung totoong naging sila nga ng anak ko, eh, aba’y masasampal ko talaga siya for saying that. Imagine, kiss and tell pala siya.

“But Billy is really a nice boy, kaya nga noong malaman ko ang isyu na sinabi raw niya, if ever na totoo nga, sumama ang loob ko, kasi gusto ko siya at kaibigan ko siya,” KC's mom said.

Gerry Ocampo, People's Tonight said that knowing the Megastar, if she treats you as a friend once, you'll be a friend for life.

Honestly I think what Billy said is overblown to begin with. If KC really did exchange a kiss with Billy, so what's the big deal? I truly adore KC, and she's now an adult for goodness sake. Yes, her beauty is out of this world, and yes she's a stunning combination of good looks, good breeding, good genes, and good education but it doesn't mean she's not human. In the long run, her untouchable image will only hurt her more, remember when the whole Philippines revered Kris Aquino too much? Look what happened later on. Although I'm not saying that KC is Kris, but let's just take a step back on reflect on things. KC deserves some space to commit "mistakes" or be treated like any other girl.

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