Sep 5, 2007

Shaider is Zaido with three heroes

Have a peek of the sleek spandex costumes of the upcoming show Zaido---the Pinoy version of Shaider which will be shown by GMA-7.
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From left to right are Marky Cielo, Dennis Trillo and Aljur Abrenica. Or you may call them Green Zaido (Marky), Blue Zaido (Dennis), and Red Zaido (Aljur Abrenica).

Zaido is based on the Japanese live-action series "Shaider". It is part of the "Metal Heroes" genre.

According to Dennis Trillo, Aljur goes to the gym once a week. Thethree also trained for their roles by doing martial arts and motor biking.

Aljur says: “The three of us had the chance to bond during our martial-arts and motorbike training.”

It was Marky’s first motorbike ride. “It was addicting,” he said. “On my last spin, though, I fell!”

Dennis is excited that he gets to use a laser sword and gun, and do acrobatic stunts on a harness.

The award-winning actor was an avid fan of “Shaider” when it first aired on IBC-13.

“I really enjoyed the stunts,” he recalled. “And the story was ahead of its time. I was amazed by the gigantic robots fighting with the monsters.”

For the Pinoy version, Dennis said the network’s production team had “reinvented and modernized” the Shaider saga.

“We want viewers to find it exciting and unpredictable,” he said.

Bayani San Diego Jr.


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