Sep 20, 2007


MARK Herras will surely miss wearing the Fantastikman costumes since the highly rated fantaserye is about to end.
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More than that, he will miss the camaraderie on the set. He is very happy though that millions of televiewers enjoyed watching his character transformation in Fantastikman. The management has beenreceiving e-mails suggesting that they extend the series for the third time. They can’t seem to have enough of the exciting adventures of Fantastikman.

Witness in its last few weeks’ episodes interesting developments and awesome fights between Fantastikman and his enemies who also possess special powers.

In the movies, Mark joins the company of other young stars like Shaina Magdayao, Rayver Cruz, Yasmien Kurdi and Marian Rivera in Regal Films’ Bahay Kubo, an official entry to Metro Manila Film Festival this December. Topbilled by senior stars Maricel Soriano and Eric Quizon, the light comedy drama is directed by Joel Lamangan.
Remy Umerez
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