Sep 23, 2007

Becky Aguila: Philippine's newest gossip columnist?

Alright, my sister who's neither Kapamilya or Kapuso because she'd rather watch boring Discovery docus now had this
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to say when I told her that Angel Locsin's (who she loves ever since she was Charlie) manager Becky Aguila (who she hates) when I told her Becky now looks like has a column on Phil. Journal "Yuck!" Well, I had a good laugh. I think to give Becky credit, this is the first time someone like her, a manager took the opportunity to face head-on the many criticisms thrown her way and goes on print instead of just doing the rounds of TV, radio, and print interviews.

Quite tellingly, the debut title on her column (not sure yet if this is a one time thing) is:
I am a manager, not a pimp

ang kabuuan:

Pick one. This season, Becky Aguila is A.) one controversial manager or B.) the most controversial manager. I hate to brag, but I think it’s B.) the MOST CONTROVERSIAL manager.

I’m not proud nor pleased to have my name printed in every single tabloid or broadsheet for the past two months. Some of the articles actually made it easier for people to understand what Angel and I are going through, but the most articles were written in half-truth-half-lies, while others… were imaginary.

I know, this self-written article is long way overdue… I should have answered the major issues eons ago. But hey, it’s never too late to have my thought bubbles printed on paper, right?

For those who are asking, why write this? There are several reasons. One, I start to feel weary answering the same questions and reading multiple answers that I never said. On the other hand, the answers that I gave are delivered in partial, or conveyed in the wrong context… then poof! Everything goes out of hand. Through this article, you would be reading first-hand information about whatever issues or controversies concerning me or my talents.

Second, well, it’ll be a venue to answer questions; and respond to opinions and criticisms.

On a serious note, managers and artists are born human; we live and feel like one. The money that we earn, the fame that we get doesn’t make us invincible from emotional battery this industry inflicts.

I feel restless every single time one of my talents face controversies. One case is Valerie. She was rumored to have a DOM patron, and that I consent this lewd activities. Rubbish!

I am an artist manager, not a pimp. My duties as a manager are not limited to bookings and image development. I also stand as my artists’ provider… teacher… confidante and then, I take the responsibility of a second mom. I take care of my talents the way I nurture my own children, and I would never want my children to engage on such lascivious acts.

If you see Val wearing a Gucci, it didn’t come from some DOM or its likes. She works hard for her money.

Val reports for “Wowowee” from 9a.m. to 3p.m., 6-days a week. Then she will proceed to her next work for the day- probably another tv guesting, an interview, or an event in a nearby province. In between, she must master materials that will be given to her, or complete requirements for an upcoming appearance. She has very little time to sleep or attend to her daughter. So, it just isn’t fair to know that people accuse, and people believe that she could do something like that for material wealth.

I may gain friends and detractors for having trying to speak my mind. But before I end this column, this I ask of you. Before you believe whatever hullabaloos written for-or against a person… think with your heart.

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E-mail na! Good or bad that's up to you. -Ela-

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