Aug 30, 2007

Ryan prepares to settle down with Juday

RYAN Agoncillo was able to relate to his character in “My Kuya’s Wedding” as Maja Salvador’s big brother as he’s very close to his own family. So, will he soon start his own family in real life? “No, Juday and I were surprised nga when we read we’ll wed next year,” he says. “No definite plans yet. I’m still preparing for it so I’ll be a good head of our family. Everything I do now is towards providing for our own family.”
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Aside from his acting and hosting career, Ryan is also into photography as an art and as a business, photographing the album covers of various rock bands andJuday’s 20th showbiz anniversary music album for Star Records.

“Photography can be lucrative. I want to make sure that if Juday would choose to just focus on family life after our marriage, I can give her and our kids a comfortable life, kaya nagsisipag ako lalo.”

Juday and her Mommy Carol were present at the premiere night of “My Kuya’s Wedding” to show their support. Mommy Carol is very vocal in saying she approves of Ryan for Juday. “I know he loves Juday three times more than I love her,” she says. “And I thank him for that.”

Ryan’s movie career is really booming as he’s also been tapped to replace Dingdong Dantes in Chito Roño’s thriller, “Dagao (Shadow).” He’s also doing the “Kasal Kasali Kasalo” sequel with Juday and Star Cinema is also asking him to join the cast of the film Gov. Vilma Santos is doing with them.

“I never expected my acting career will flourish like this,” he says. “It’s an honor and a privilege to get to work with respected stars and directors in the industry and I really feel so blessed.”
Mario E. Bautista
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