Aug 11, 2007

Lovi Poe wants to create own path, apart from FPJ

WANTING TO CREATE her own path in show business, Lovi Poe says she’s not here to follow in the footsteps of her father, the legendary Fernando Poe, Jr.
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For one, Lovi’s set to do light dramas and romantic comedies in her first acting assignments under Regal Entertainment, which signed her up to a 3-year, 12-picture contract last Wednesday.

‘I don’t think they’re offering me action roles,’ the

lovely 18-year old college student said. If they did, Lovi laughed and said she’d be just as ready.

Lovi does boxing and gymnastics as part of her physical regimen. She’s a management freshman at International Business School in Makati.

Ms. Lily Monteverde said she sees great potential in Lovi Poe, who started her career as a recording artist, as a potential superstar. The veteran producer said it’s time Regal launched a new set of young stars in keeping with the Regal Baby tradition that her company has been known for.

Lovi will headline an episode in the next Shake, Rattle & Roll movie, which will be shown in the December film festival. A role is also being written for her in another Regal filmfest entry, Bahay Kubo.

While FPJ’s daughter is known in the music industry only by her first name, the movie world will bill her as Lovi Poe, according to Ms. Monteverde. ‘Lovi is too short,’ the producer said.

Lovi has a few hits to her credit, one of them a remake of a Selena pop anthem. She’s preparing for her second album, which will contain some of her own compositions.
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