Aug 30, 2007

Kris naglalaho na ang appeal

Kung dati-rati ay certified top-raters ang kanyang shows sa ABS-CBN, lately, mukhang nawawala na ang mass appeal ni Kris Aquino.
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Hayan at halos consistently ay nilalampaso sila ni Boy Abunda ng Sis at ang Deal Or No Deal naman niya na rati’y more than 30% ang rating kaya oozing with bravura siya sa pagda-dialog ng, “Thanks for making us number one!,” this time a little more than 20 percent na lang ang rating kaya this abysmal turn of events must have caused her tremendous pains.

Knowing Tetay who wants to be on top of everything and in full control of any
given situation, traumatic talaga sa kanya ang negative ratings, along with the negative reviews that her attitude in her shows has been getting these days.

Well, that’s what you get for becoming so conceited and for believing in yourself too much when there are a lot of other people who are more gifted than you are.

Maswerte ka lang talaga, Ning, dahil anak ka ng isang bayaning tulad ni Ninoy Aquino at Tita Cory. For if not, where would you be with your mediocre actin skills and overrated hosting talents.

Sa totoo lang, you tend to piss most people off with your cattiness and bratty commentaries when you yourself is not perfect what with your plump figure of late and palpable insecurity with so many people who are fast proving to be a threat to your throne.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Be more meticulous with the food that you eat and with your diet as well because you look weird in your expensive but ill-fitting gowns night after night at DOND.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

And with that, ito po ang Kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!
Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.
People's Taliba

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