Aug 2, 2007

Katrina Halili talks about Lupin

We’ve seen her don different skimpy outfits and wigs, and fire a gun every now and then. As Lupin nears its end, Katrina Halili reveals her thoughts working in the set she so loved.
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For almost three months we’ve seen her steal and save Andrei Lupin (Richard Gutierrez) regularly on the show. Now that Katrina’s almost done playing the invincible Ashley, will she miss

the Lupin cast and crew?

“Lahat ng tao, lahat ng staff, si direk pati na yung mga artista na kasama ko dito," Kat notes of those she’ll miss on the set. Due to their regular taping schedules, the cast and crew have gone closer. “Halos everyday na kami na magkakasama so parang family (na) talaga."

Another thing that Kat will surely never to forget is her experience during the taping of the hit primetime show -- “yung takot ako sa baril, yung ingay nya, natatakot ako."

Aside from this fear of guns, Kat is sure to remember the days she spent off-camera hanging out with director Mike Tuviera. “Everyday pinapaiyak ako ng director, Jino-joke niya lagi ako," she says of the director who would always find away to make her cry. “Like sabihin ko ‘Direk ganito-ganyan.’ Tapos sasabihin niya, ‘So ano feeling mo magaling ka, malaki na ulo mo?’"

Despite the constant teasing of their director, the young star stresses that it was fun working with everyone, especially the cast. Here’s how she describes other members of Team Lupin:

Ehra Madrigal: “Pa sweet….Pag nagkwento ako, makulit. Siya makulit na pa-sweet."

Boy 2 Quizon: “Para siyang may hidden agenda, mysterious…Di ba pag tahimik mysterious?

Richard Gutierrez: “Gentleman…pero hindi (sya) para sa akin."

Kat also admits that it was a pleasant surprise that all the other actors and actresses in the show turned out to be very friendly. “Lahat sila, parang akala ko mahirap kausapin, pero lahat sila mababait (pala)!"

What can viewers expect from the remaining weeks of Lupin? “For sure maganda yung kalalabasan and siyempre gagawain naming lahat para sa mga taong nag susupport double effort kami para sa ending ng Lupin," she stresses.

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