Aug 6, 2007

Josh Hartnett is nice and wants to help make the world know it's safe in Philippines

All too suddenly it seems, he’s no longer a vegan.
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No matter, Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett is a joy to work with, according to a Filipino staff member of Productions 56, the local firm handling the shoot of “I Come With the Rain” in Mount Diwalwal.

The staffer, who requested anonymity due to a confidentiality clause in

the firm’s contract with the producer, Central Films, had nothing but praise for Hartnett.

“He didn’t have work on the first shooting day, Friday; still he went to the set,” the staffer recounted. “He was just there to observe how we worked and to watch his [Japanese] co-star, Takuya Kimura.”

Hartnett shook hands and posed for snapshots with everyone, the staffer said. “[And] he kept asking the people around him if they had eaten.”

Speaking of which, contrary to Internet reports, Hartnett has dropped vegetarianism.

“We were cracking our heads, wondering what to serve him,” the source recalled. “Turned out, he wasn’t finicky at all. He told us not to believe everything we read in the Net. I saw him eat shrimp and chicken. He also had pomelo and luya (ginger) candy—basically the same food that everyone else had.”

In short, Hartnett “has no star complex.” Neither does he have an alalay (personal assistant). At the end of his first shooting day, on Saturday, he was obviously tired, the source said, “but he was still smiling.”

The actor has gone around the village and met the people. Along with the foreign production team, Hartnett felt strongly about making the world know it’s safe to shoot in the Philippines.

The source confirmed that Central Films would be donating a certain sum to the village, on top of hiring villagers as extras and crew members.

Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung, the source added, had insisted on shooting in Diwalwal. “We offered to him Benguet and other provinces in the north, but he had fallen in love with Diwalwal.”
Bayani San Diego Jr.

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