Aug 2, 2007

GMA-7's Marimar: Marian Rivera can dance!

There's nothing more shocking for me to discover through Gizel who found this video that Marian Rivera can actually dance. I've been used to the idea that I should close my eyes whenever soap stars even dare to dance in front of national TV. Rarely do I not switch the channel whenever variety hosts practically scream at you to introduce an actor/actress that's about to give you nightmares with their lousy dancing, like so:
"Mga Kapamilya/Kapuso, let's WE-LLLCOME hot young actor/actress so and SO!"
Of course a month ago Marian was just a mom in the scary Super Twins!, so you won't expect her to be given priority with her choreo here, but you can see her raw talent. Pauleen Luna is a good revelation too, however Rhian Ramos is another story...

Is it safe to say then that Marian Rivera is truly a multi-talented star, let's hope she'll be given bigger breaks because she seems to deserve it, knock, knock GMA hehe.
Thanks moshichikiyaki for the video.

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