Aug 13, 2007

GMA-7's Marimar: Dingdong Dantes gets carried away with scenes

The role of Sergio, Marimar’s love interest, is tailor-made for Dingdong Dantes, with his finely chiseled features and new bronzed look.
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“This ‘Marimar’ will surely be closer to the hearts of Pinoys,” Dingdong assured us. “All the actors made it a point to attack their roles differently. The modern

setting and more realistic conflicts also add to the Pinoy flavor.”

His romantic scenes with Marian Rivera seem so real as well, like they will pop out of the screen.

“I always get carried away,” he revealed. “It has to be that way, otherwise the scenes won’t work. I’m all for truth and realism.”

As Marian and Dingdong dance their way in to the hearts of the viewers, “Marimar” will set a new groove in telenovelas.
Dolly Anne Carvajal

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