Aug 31, 2007

Edu Manzano Vs. Janno Gibbs

EDU Manzano is jubilant because his new game show, “1 vs. 100,” proved to be a toprater. Its pilot telecast got a high 27percent plus rating. This is not surprising as it’s really a lot of fun to watch the main contestant matching wits with 100 other challengers inside the studio which has an elaborate set. We heard GMA-7 is now cooking its own game show to be pitted against, hosted by Janno Gibbs.
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This Saturday, the main challenger is Isko Salvador aka Brod Pete. Among the members of the mob are beauty queens Miss International Precious LaraQuigaman and Bb. Pilipinas titlists Margaret Wilson, Ana Teresa Licaros, Nadia Lee Shami, and Gionna Cabrera. Celebrities include Andrea del Rosario, Jiro Manio, Nene Tamayo, Angelu de Leon, Matet de Leon, AJ Dee, comedienne Kitkat, and indie directors Shugo Praico, Rey Donato and Renato Bautista. The 15 survivors from last week who defeated Ai Ai de las Alas will again be competing. Will they remain to be unbeatable? Find out this Saturday on “1 vs. 100” after “John en Shirley.”
Mario E. Bautista
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