Aug 6, 2007

Bianca remains close to Lino’s kin

Bianca Gonzales has broken up with Direk Lino Cayetano two years ago. She is proud to say that she has moved on, although she admitted that she cannot say for sure if she has totally overcome her love for Lino. After all, they were sweethearts for one and a half years. And they had happy moments together. Bianca revealed that, to
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date, she has remained close to Direk Lino’s Ate Pia (yes, the Senator) and his mom.

How do they react to each other whenever they meet? They work in the same network, ABS-CBN. And chances are, they bump into each other in the area.

"Well, talagang paminsan-minsan ay nagkikita kami. Like one time na ako pa ang unang bumati sa kanya. Sabi ko, ‘Hi.’ Sinuklian naman niya ng ‘Hi’ rin," she related.

She stated that she is happy for her ex since he has finally realized his dream to direct a movie. Direk Lino is at the helm of the Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson starrer, "I’m Falling for You."

Bianca has yet to meet KC Concepcion, reportedly Direk Lino’s sweetheart who is the eldest daughter of megastar Sharon Cuneta (father, Gabby Concepcion).

What will she do if they meet?

"Siguro magiging casual ako," she replied. "Tutal naman, wala na kami ni Lino."
Ethel Ramos

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