Aug 1, 2007

Ang Pambansang Krung-krung Sandara Park says goodbye to Phillippines

Sandara Park will leave Philippines today around two p.m. to fly to Korea together with her two siblings and mother.
It took her a month to reach a decision to say goodbye to the world of showbiz. Report has it that her close friends were left unaware with her plans to relocate to Korea and it was only yesterday that she made it known to her friends that she's leaving our country.
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She made the decision to leave when her last project in the Philippines at RPN-9 ended and she was left with nothing

else to do. Couple this with the little by little disappearance of her friends from her life, which she admits is the major reason for her depression.
"Akala ko maraming nagmamahal sa akin, mga kaibigan ko, pero hindi pala. Nawawala rin sila kung kailangan ko sila. (I thought many people love me, my friends, but it isn't so. They also vanish when I need them). " Sandara sadly relates.

Sandara became a national craze when she joined ABS-CBN's Star Circle Quest and won the Flipinos' hearts with her unabashed Korean flair that resulted in many unscripted comical situations.

According to Sandara her contract with Star Magic (talent agency of ABS-CBN) has ended, and she didn't receive any offers to renew her it. She says she'll go back and work in Korea. If she's given the chance, she hopes she can resume her studies.

But her main priority is to provide for her family because she is the breadwinner. If she can't meet the demands to send her siblings to school, they can be working students she says.

She still plans to get in touch with her remaining friends through e-mails. If there are any offers from the Phillippines, she can receive them through e-mail.

She only had harsh words for her dad who's incarcerated in jail while she's outside our country. However she opted to remain silent when asked for a comment about her break-up with Joseph Bitangcol. But she did admit that she felt really bad about their break-up because they were a couple for almost three years.

She admits that she's leaving with a heavy heart.

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