Jul 28, 2007

Why KC lost his cool at Geneva’s NY concert

Has KC Montero gone back Seattle, Washington, to settle down there with his wife Geneva Cruz?
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The answer is yes, although the couple can shuttle between Seattle and the Philippines when work requires them to.

They were in New York last week for Geneva’s special guesting at the M.Y.M.P. concert at the Columbia University’s

auditorium in Manhattan. KC was there to accompany Geneva.

In that concert, KC lost his cool when a male fan misbehaved and groped Geneva onstage.

According to the report of Funfare’s Big Apple correspondent Edmund Silvestre (news editor of the New York-based The Filipino Reporter), trouble could have erupted had not the proverbial cooler heads intervened.

Recalled Edmund, “Geneva, known for setting the stage on fire with her ultra sensuality and bigay-todo performance, was wearing low-cut jeans and strapless bikini top that displayed her super-toned (and tanned) bod and chiseled abs.”

In the middle of her number, Geneva called two men in the audience to join her onstage for a fast number.

“I need two who are maginoo pero medyo bastos,” Geneva told the roaring crowd.

From the start, the two men were already trying to upstage Geneva as they gyrated onstage. As the song was about to end, one of the men wrapped his arms around Geneva and began touching her bare back, then grabbed the singer’s posterior with his two hands.

“Geneva was stunned,” said Edmund, “and she slapped the man’s hands right away. She played it cool, pretending that nothing had happened as she continued performing while many in the audience gasped in surprise.”

From the nearby green room, KC saw everything and, naturally, he got mad.

“Who’s that guy? Who’s that guy?” an angry KC, a former MTV VJ, was quoted as saying by the show’s producers (from D’Opulent, AAR and SCAT productions) who tried to pacify KC. Geneva later asked KC to cool down and just ignore the man.

“That guy would have been in deep trouble with burly bodyguards had it been Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera who was at the receiving end of his advances,” added Edmund. “Babes Harington, who was in the audience, said she noticed Geneva was visibly upset but tried to control herself. ‘Siguro she didn’t want to ruin the rest of the evening kaya hindi na lang siya kumibo,’ said Babes. ‘Maybe it’s also part of her being professional. Ang galing pa naman ni Geneva at siya pa talaga ‘yung nagdala ng show. Even if she was just a guest, Geneva upstaged the M.Y.M.P.’”

And what happened to the “un-gentleman”?

“He simply went back to his seat after giving his friends high fives, grinning and looking very proud of his ‘accomplishment,’ ” said Edmund.
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
Philippine Star

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