Jul 27, 2007

What is the story behind Angel’s mom?

IS it true Angel Locsin signed up with ABS-CBN before she left for London?
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Like what we wrote before, a wave of negative public opinion will be generated by this move of Angel. Letters we received from readers say she does not have a reason to “go ober da bakod” since GMA-7 is treating her well.

As Jheng Gullas of UE says: “Justified lang ang paglipat ng isang artista kung wala na siyang assignment at napapabayaan na ng network, pero si Angel ay alagang-alaga nga ng GMA

kaya ang dating niya ay parang pulitikong bumalimbing.”

From Ava Torino of LBC Makati: “We saw the interview on Angel’s manager and father and they say Angel is suffering from burn out. Pagod na pagod na raw so she transferred to ABS-CBN. So what will she do with ABS? Rest and recreation? Will she just sit around while she’s connected with them? To think Angel started with ABS but they failed to give her a break so she moved to GMA which gambled on her, gave her good shows and because of these hit shows, she was able to get a lot of product endorsements that earned her millions. Without those shows, advertisers won’t notice her at all.”

From someone with GMA, we heard the network was so protective of her that when someone interviewed Angel’s estranged mom, she begged them to stop it and they did. You see, Angel is only close to her dad and her mom is never mentioned in her interviews. Obviously, something bad happened between her and her mom so she wants to avoid any mention of her and GMA even granted her request. We won’t be surprised if TV crews will now seek to interview her mother anew and GMA won’t stop them anymore.
Mario E. Bautista
People's Journal

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