Jul 27, 2007

Video: Beyonce crashes down stairs in a concert, pleads for audience not to upload it on Youtube

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Singer Beyoncé Knowles has taken an embarrassing head-first tumble down 12 stairs during a performance in Florida.
The star was performing her track Ring the Alarm when the accident occurred. While some onlookers say they spotted blood on her leg, her spokesperson insists she was not injured.

Despite the fall, Beyoncé barely missed a beat and continued performing the rest of her set.

Afterwards, she begged the crowd: "Don't put it on YouTube!"

Her pleas went unheard and footage appeared across a number of sites and news channels within hours.

One audience member told US magazine People: "Everyone gasped. But she got up right away and acted like nothing happened. I don't even think she missed a word of the song!
"Everyone started cheering her on, because she recovered like a real professional."

Her spokesperson said in a statement: "Beyoncé's fall on stage last night in Orlando during her performance was a mere spot on an otherwise sensational, flawless show."

"It was a case of her coat's hem getting caught in her shoes, but Miss Knowles picked herself right up, without missing a beat, showing to all that she is the best."

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