Jul 19, 2007

True inspiration

“Ligaw Lihim” is inspired by a true incident at a post office in Negros that stopped operating during the pre-texting era, when people were completely dependent on the mailing system. Letters were neither coming nor going, leaving an unaccounted-for number of corrupted lives.
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The must-see indie film will have a special screening at the CCP from July 22 to 28 (log on to www.ligawliham.com for details). Lead actress Karylle says, “I sometimes wish I was a super artsy person but I’ve never even watched an indie film. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to act in one but I’m glad I did ... I saw how artists support each other.”
Dolly Anne Carvajal

As a side note, Karylle had a difficult time filming this movie but she had a great attitude about it. Read her interview here about the filming process of Ligaw Lihim.


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