Jul 14, 2007

Roxanne’s ex, present beau are best buddies

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ROXANNE Guinoo has every reason to be happy. She’s not only in love but is finally getting the biggest break in her career. She is playing the lead in the fourth installment of the Primetime Bida program, "Sineserye Presents: Natutulog Ba ang Diyos." And guess who her leading men are?

Well, her ex-boyfriend Joross Gamboa and her current love, Jake Cuenca.

"Natutulog Ba ang Diyos?" is based on an original komiks novel written by Ruben Marcelino. The original title is "Natutulog Pa ang Diyos." Jerry Sineneng, who directs the sineserye, however, decided to change the word "Pa" to "Ba" and ended the title with a question mark. Sineneng said he simply cannot believe that our omnipotent Father has time to sleep, with all the creatures he takes care of.

Roxanne plays the role previously played by Lorna Tolentino in the novel’s movie version. Joross gets the part portrayed by Gary Valenciano, while Jake essays the role of Ricky Davao.

"We guess we are blessed to have been tapped for this project," said Roxanne. "Although we all feel challenged by our respective roles, we are grateful that we have Direk Jerry and Richie guiding and supporting us. Mahirap nga naman kasing pantayan ang original cast ng pelikula. But we all promise to deliver."

* * *

Joross said he has moved on a year after his break-up with Roxanne. He has also found a new love, Kaye, a Filipino model in Malaysia.

Where did they meet?

"You wouldn’t believe it but it was only this year that I discovered that we live in the same subdivision (BF Homes Parañaque). One time, we were at the same computer shop. May binubulatlat siya sa kanyang bag. May nahulog. Tinulungan ko siyang hanapin ito," he related.

That was the start of their relationship. It turned out that some of her cousins were his friends. Kaye has always known Joross because she often saw him in their subdivision’s church.

Joross has their photo together in his cellphone. And everyone who saw it agreed she is beautiful.

Has Roxanne seen her?

"I bought her once to ABS-CBN but they didn’t get the chance to meet," Joross answered.

Asked in a separate interview if she was interested to meet Joross’ new girl, Roxanne said: "Kailangan ba?"

* * *

Since taping for the series Joross and Jake have developed a deep friendship. "Ito ‘yung klase ng friendship," said Joross, "na puwedeng matagalan. I’m glad na si Jake ang naging boyfriend ni Roxanne after me. Mabait siyang tao."

Does he regret breaking up with Roxanne? She is now the bigger star between them.

"Frankly, I’m happy for Roxanne," Joross answered. "I had always hoped that she realizes all her dreams and finds herself a boyfriend, na ‘di man mas mabait kesa akin, pero, mabait din. Joke lang."

They broke up amicably. In the one year they were together, there were just a few times when they didn’t quarrel.

"Para kaming aso’t pusa palagi. So, one day, we decided to straighten things out. And we both decided that we should rather stay friends than sweethearts nga kami, pero away naman ng away," Joross revealed.

* * *

"Natutulog Ba ang Diyos?" revolves around the sufferings of a young woman who was destined to live a prosperous life, but on the night of her birth, was switched so she grew up poor. While growing up, she struggled to gain her parents’ love by working hard, while the child who took her supposed rightful place and got the life of luxury which supposedly was hers grew up to be spoiled and irresponsible.

Playing the roles of the parents of the three leads in "Natutulog Ba ang Diyos?" are veteran stars Dina Bonnevie, Rosanna Roces, Mat Ranillo III, Ronnie Lazaro and Bing Pimentel.
Ethel Ramos

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