Jul 14, 2007

My Soulfone

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The start-up of the intriguing but highly entertaining story of My Soulfone, the new hip title of Magic Cellphone of Love Spell’s four-week series, rolled last Sunday. We met the rebellious Andrew (Sam Milby) fulfilling his father’s dying wish of personally handing out an envelope to his Filipina mother.

Back in the country, strange things start to happen to the cellphone he inherited from his dad. It starts sending videos of the future, even the contents of the envelope is revealed - $10,000. The huge amount of money makes him more motivated to accomplish his mission: find his estranged mother Edna (Malou de Guzman).

As it turns out, Edna is a mother of two, a laundrywoman who lives in the Tondo slums. In proving her mother’s worth, Andrew meets his match, Wena (Angelica Panganiban), a nursing student who disobeys everything her mother says. They get along and realize a lot in common, mainly mother problems. What will the magic cellphone do for them? Episode two of My Soulfone airs tomorrow after Young Song.
Edgar Cruz
The Daily Tribune

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