Jul 17, 2007


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WHAT goes around comes around. This is what the people around Rhian Ramos and the TV personality herself should be reminded of.

If before, the fans of Rhian were quick to come to her defense, now they are against her. If before her fans were so over-protective and so seloso, now they are ganging up on one of the lead stars of “Ouija.” These are the reactions of Rhianaddicts (how the fans of Rhian) call themselves if you happen to visit the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP, now that there’s an issue involving Rhian and DJ Mo Twister.

We wonder what Alessandra de Rossi, Ara Mina and PJ Valerio can say? Remember that Rhian had issues involving them. But of the three, PJ had a different issue. Rhian denied going out on a date with PJ. But Rhian, it seems, is relishing the idea of being rumored with DJ Mo Twister although it should not come as a surprise if Rhian would deny any involvement with DJ Mo (which she did in last Sunday’s telecast of Showbiz Central).

“Rhian, you have a great future so don’t ruin it by picking the wrong guy,” was PJ’s unsolicited advice when we had a chance to talk with him and asked for his comment. “Bro, please find a girl of your age because Rhian is too young and has a great future ahead of her.

Of course, we all know that the controversial DJ Mo is not necessarily a saint. If you recall, he got Janet McBride and Bunny Paras pregnant during the height of their showbiz careers. Will lightning strike thrice?
Aster Amoyo
People's Journal

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