Jul 17, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother: What Gee-Ann and Yeng have in common

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GUESS what "Pinoy Dream Academy" (PDA) grand winner Yeng Constantino and "Pinoy Big Brother" season two housemate Gee Ann Abraham have in common?

Remember when Gee Ann first entered Big Brother’s house? She had with her Pamela, her favorite doll.

Gee Ann got Pamela as a gift 15 years ago. She was only six years old then. She just loved the gift so, so much that she took to her not only as a play thing but also as a friend. She would even talk to Pamela when she’s extremely happy or sad.

Pamela is no longer with her, of course. When she was still inside Big Brother’s House, she gave the doll away to a child from an orphanage.

In the case of Yeng, it’s her stuffed lion which she considers the most important in her big collection of stuffed animals. She calls him Sham Sham.

Sham Sham is a birthday gift she received from a favorite friend and neighbor of their family. He is a taxi driver.

Like Gee Ann who would talk to Pamela, Yeng said she would also "make kausap" to Sham Sham. She also brings Sham Sham to her gigs.

To date, Sham Sham is still in Yeng’s possession.

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